Charcoal Bar Soap

Charcoal Bar Soap

This handsome bar of soap is made with butters and oils and Activated Charcoal for a great cleansing bar.


Ingredients: Shea butter, olive oil, lard, cocoa butter, castor, coconut, activated charcoal.


I do not add any additional fragrance or dyes to my soaps as I prefer to stay more natural.


Our products are made in a private kitchen. I do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure but I can tell you how it has helped us. I am not a doctor and you should call yours if you think you could be allergic to any ingredient. I list all ingredients for your information.


The Natural Life Soap Co. is not liable for individual reactions to any particular ingredients, please make sure you use as directed.


Sodium Hydroxide is used to saponify the oils/butters, none will remain in the final product.


PLEASE NOTE: To make your handcrafted soap last a long time, keep it out of the direct stream of water and use a draining soap dish. Handcrafted soaps prefer to dry out in between uses.


We support our planet and use recycled packaging materials and we encourage our uses to do the same. Each bar is aboutt 4.5 oz. We make small batches and each bar will vary in color and design.

  • Soap Care

    Handcrafted soap bars are created the "cold process" method and prefer to dry out between uses.  By using a draining soap dish it will help keep your soap hard and last for a long time.  All bars are made in small batches with infused oils from botanicals and herbs.  We do not use fragrance oils, micas, and is palm free.  Keep unused bars in cool, dry places like a linen closet.  Please discontiue use if irritation happens.